Brunton Architects & Engineers

by B507, for Brunton Architects & Engineers

Brunton Architects & Engineers was a website and branding redesign. Brunton Architects & Engineers approached B507 with a request to create a modern update of their logo and their website. The design and structure of the website were themed around a sharp and bold design, similar to Brunton's completed work at the time.

The goal of the website was to show the completed projects that Brunton Architects & Engineers designed over the years. With this in mind, there was also a system built for Brunton to have the ability to internally edit the site through adding and modifying projects on the website to be displayed. Another main feature of the website is the Planroom page which is an area where contractors can go to see current projects for bid and access construction documents. This page gives Brunton a way to give out files securely and efficiently to bidders that want to build their projects.


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