Body Art Protein

by B507, for Body Art Protrein

 Body Art Protein is a growing supplier of whey protein with a high level of the amino acid luciene. Body Art approached B507 looking for a way to offer their products online, but also provide customers more inforamtion on their specialty product. Incorporating social media into their website was an important feature. Body Art maintanes their social media presence and wanted to further engaged website viewers to keep in touch on a more frequent basis. From design to implementation,  Body Art Protein was a website built from the ground up. The website was designed as a one page application and made with a responsive design, allowing the user to view the site on platforms that range from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. 

This site also incorporates Google Analytics allowing Body Art Protein to track various metrics such traffic sources, bounce rates, conversion rates and user demographics. The site is lean, clean and is reflective of Body Art Protein's product to a "T."

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